Brett Stuart Wilson

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I am honored to be selected for the 2nd year running on Art Book Guy's: "100 SUPER HOT ARTISTS FOR 2014" see last column of artists on list. (opens in new window)

ARTNOIS Magazine, Dec2013 Issue by Magda Becerra, Page 16-21 (opens in new window)

What Weekly Magazine. Issue 191 by Ezra lefko & Theresa Keil. "Chasing the Devil's Music: Portraits by Brett Stuart Wilson (opens in new window)

Interview at WTMD 89.7 Studio by Sam Gallant with Brett Stuart Wilson (opens in new window)

September 2013 Press Release

"Blues Rag" June/July 2013 "Brett Stuart Wilson, Artist and Artiste: The Best of Both Worlds" by Larry Benicewicz Pages 8-14 (opens in new window)

April Press Release (2013) (opens in new window)

Baltimore City Paper (opens in new window)

Art Book Guy: 106 SUPER HOT ARTISTS FOR 2013. (opens in new window)

ArtBookGuy Unveils "106 Super Hot Artists For 2013"
New list spotlights extraordinary emerging artists
(January 2013) -- For the second straight year, one of the web's most ardent promoters of contemporary art and culture is shining the spotlight on some of the most gifted artists in the world. ArtBookGuy is celebrating, "106 Super Hot Artists for 2013."
"This list is by no means exhaustive," says Editor In Chief Michael K. Corbin. "However, it's quite comprehensive in its treatment of 106 living, visual artists who deserve recognition for the awesome work they create. Why 106 artists? Why not?"
106 Super Hot Artists for 2013 is a celebration of stunning, visual artists from all over the world. The list isn't a competitive ranking, but rather an exploration that includes full-length interviews with each of the artists surveyed.
"ArtBookGuy sought out these gifted artists of varied backgrounds and cultures for the sake of finding out what inspires them and helping to share their work with people who may be intimidated by contemporary art and artists," says Corbin. "Conducting these interviews was an incredible amount of work, but very gratifying and they're now available for curious art lovers to check out." Artists on the list live and work in places like New York, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Berlin, Montreal and more.

Linda F. McGreevy: art review @ Chrysler Museum~Virginia Pilot
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Sure, its been done before. It's a Pop concept, but the popsters were too cool to do it like this. Andy Warhol's got nothing on Brett Wilson when it comes to portraits of the kings and queens of rock-n-roll. A series of vibrant, brash, and sublimely aggressive portraits of our generations outlaws.

Marc Selwyn: Arts Magazine
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Brett Wilson's work is refreshing in relation to the more disturbing, often holocaustic figuration so prevalent in today's avant-garde painting. In his series of portraits of great country and blues singers, Wilson deviates from these trends with an upbeat celebration of American Pop culture. The room full of portraits, on display at the Jus de Pomme Gallery, has an energy and emotion that go far beyond conventional portraiture. The work is expressive in its characterization of pop music personalities and our veneration of them

Spin Magazine (Michael Kaplan) “Whole Lotta Paintin.”
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“Brett Wilson’s brightly rendered paintings jump out at you with all the snarly aggression of a Jerry Lee Lewis piano riff. Which is only fitting, considering that Wilson’s musical and artist tastes lean towards the wild side of early rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm and blues.”

Arts Magazine (Marc Selwyn) “Brett Wilson.” “The work is expressive in its characterization of pop music personalities and our veneration of them. Wilson has mastered a technique well suited to express his commentary on America’s country and blues idols.” “In some places, Wilson has used his technique to give a sense of movement to his subjects. The singers appear to break out of their geometric boundaries. Wilson’s application of color is risky and unrestrained. A thick palette blends pure, high-pitched colors that form vibrant images. Streaks of primary colors resolve themselves only at a distance. One imagines the myriad of shadows and hues created when multi-colored stage lights are focused on a performer. He largely ignores realistic coloration in favor of a wide color range. Often, layers of color and texture spill over onto the sides of the constructions, reinforcing their spontaneous, musical quality. Indeed, the sides of the work take on their own importance. The pieces must be viewed from every possible angle to appreciate the full dimension of the work.”

Baker Awards

Some of Brett's Musicial contributions from Jumping' Hailstones CD, 2000.
Brett Wilson on Harmonica & Vocals,
Matt Coffman on Guitar, Brian Badger on Bass, Dale Mauck on Drums, Mixed & Engineered by Dave Nachodsky, Invisable Sound

"I Wish You Would" Track 4 By Billy Boy Arnold
"Off the Wall" Track 6 by Walter Jacobs
"Rockin' " Track 7, licensing usage Harry Fox Agency from Regent Music Corp